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Pestalozzi student shines at annual London International Model United Nations

Twenty two Pestalozzi students travelled to London as delegates at the London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) last month. Pestalozzi students have an eleven-year track record of taking part in LIMUN – the largest university-based Model United Nations conference in Europe. They are often the youngest group present, participating alongside under graduates from a range of academic fields.

LIMUN has a reputation for an exceptional standard of public speaking and debate. This year Pestalozzi students joined 1800 representatives from across the world to discuss some of the most pressing global issues, including integrating refugees into communities and the fight against terrorism. Taking on the role of world leaders, these young people worked together to find solutions to international challenges and establish diplomatic ties.
Each Pestalozzi student was assigned a committee and a country. They undertook careful research to represent their country’s stance, even if they didn’t agree with it! Pestalozzi student, Vella Abur from Uganda, won the Diplomacy Award for her representation of Brunei in the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee.

Vella said, "LIMUN was a great opportunity to meet new people and debate some very challenging issues. I am delighted to have won the Diplomacy Award. Pestalozzi students live in a multi-faith, multi-cultural community and I am sure this has helped me develop my diplomacy skills.”

Fay Fellows, Pestalozzi’s Student Programme Officer, accompanied the students on their LIMUN adventure and commented, "Every year LIMUN provides a rich and diverse learning experience for our students. Prior research into unfamiliar countries and addressing real world problems is an essential part of the trip. This preparation really counts when our students, usually the youngest of the participants, have to attend and address meetings within the Model UN. Pestalozzi students always hold their own and the whole experience boosts confidence and gives them a genuine flavour of the complexities of international politics”

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