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Pestalozzi students embark on new schooling adventure at Claremont

There’s been a change of schooling scenery for the new students at Pestalozzi this year as Claremont Senior School is now their place of study.


The privately run school which achieved 'Outstanding' in every category from Ofsted will give these bright, enthusiastic and determined young men and women the opportunity to change their lives for the better.


It’s been a little over a month since the switch and it’s gone down really well with the students.


Ruvimbo Taanarwo from Zimbabwe is thoroughly enjoying studying at Claremont, saying: "I’m really enjoying it. I like that we each have a personal tutor at Claremont, because if there are any problems we can talk to them.”


Ruvimbo is also enjoying the everyday interactions that school life brings: "I enjoy talking to other students from other countries as we can talk about our different experiences.”


Ruvimbo loves Maths and is enjoying a different learning environment compared with what she was used to in Zimbabwe. Back home the classes were filled with lots of students which meant that one-to-one teaching time was often not forthcoming. But at Claremont the classes are smaller and that vital one-to-one interaction with the teacher is something that Ruvimbo loves.


As for Nischal Poudel from Nepal, who has only been at Pestalozzi for two weeks, going to Claremont has been a wonderful experience so far.


"It’s great! The subjects on offer are wide ranging and very interesting,” explained Nischal.


The extra-curricular activities are a big part of Claremont’s overall ethos and Nischal has made the most of these exciting opportunities.


"I do football, swimming and computer science. You can also study French, German or Spanish which is amazing” said Nischal.


When asked about the difference between his school back home compared to Claremont, Nischal said: "The difference to the schools back home is the wide ranging opportunities that are here, we don’t have that in Nepal.”


Ruvimbo and Nischal are both excited to be continuing their studies at Claremont. If you want to keep up with what the students are doing and ways you can donate please look out for more stories on the website and on our social media channels. 

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