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Student blog: Our First Self-Defence Class

By Lobsang Dolma

KickboxingWithout the faintest clue of what a defence actually was, I joined the Self Defence session with Carl from HKA. There were almost twenty five people from Pestalozzi at the class, including staff and students. Not only was this the first formal class for us but it was a whole new and different activity.

On the way to the class, amidst the rain pouring and the wind shovelling the fallen leaves, everybody seemed in the mood of dozing off. But as soon as we arrived, the mood noticeably changed to a more active one – we knew we were all going to learn something essential that was completely new to us.

The session was just for an hour, but it felt like more than that. Carl introduced self-defence skills with some very spontaneous warm ups. We learnt a few defensive skills that we might need to use while coping with a petty fight – or even a broader case of fighting for our life. I feel these moves are a worthy lifetime skill, and everyone in the class did well learning the strikes and kicks. The session was so enjoyable and reasonable at the same time. We girls in particular were able to learn some preventive strikes for emergencies.

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