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Student blog: A Most Fabulous Week

By Nigel Malaba

This was the most fabulous week of all, packed with a lot of exciting and breath-taking events!

On Sunday I woke up, prepared my delicious breakfast of bread with eggs and made my way to church. After church I had swimming, where I enjoyed diving into the pool from the deep end – I can do this now that I have learnt a few basic skills to keep me from drowning! On Monday we had a guitar lesson, where we worked on the Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’. Although I still find it difficult to switch from one code to another when playing the guitar, I really enjoyed playing the song. Tuesday had its surprises, including the very cold weather which caused the roads to become slippery. Students slipped all the way down the hill to rush for the first bus to college!* I attended a church meeting (there was no Pestalozzi house meeting this Tuesday) and I really enjoyed the games and quizzes we played.

Nigel at the Zimbabwean Cultural EveningI had a shorter day at college on Wednesday and so I headed back to Pestalozzi with the other Zimbabwean students to start our preparations for the Zimbabwean Cultural Evening on Thursday night. The evening was a success, with us performing a drama which was enjoyed by everyone. The play was based on how marriage is conducted in Zimbabwe and every one of us Zimbabweans took part. I also presented on the social trivia in my country (see photo) and most of the guests found my culture to be different from what they expected and interesting as well.

On Saturday I took part in the Pestalozzi Open Day, where I sang some Christmas carols in front of over 100 people. The day was really enjoyable. In a nutshell, this week was extraordinarily amazing and I look forward to more like it!

* Editor’s note: The Pestalozzi estate team regularly grit all the roads and paths on the property during winter – our students’ safety is a top priority.

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