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Student Blog: A Day in Bustling London

By Lobsang Dolma

Visiting LondonTo be in London on a fine Friday was more than I ever expected to experience. I was amazed by lots of things, which are still lingering in my mind.

Getting up at half past five in the morning was not as traumatic as it sounds, probably because I got to sleep throughout the long drive! Our visit started with a quick walk through the London streets, over the bridge, with a glimpse of the London Eye (beautiful enough to even see it from far off). We walked and nearly ran across some of the streets along with the busy, bustling London people.

Our day really started with a visit to Pestalozzi Corporate Friends BlackRock. This gave me a closer view of what happens in the markets and businesses across the world. It was also incredible to see how the offices and staff work. I am truly amazed with what they do. With only two little eyes, some have got three or four big computers to look at. Watching the weird graphs for a few minutes completely tricked my eyes into seeing the different numbers and I wonder how they manage it. Amazing!

Visiting BlackRock in November 2012A really important thing struck me during the visit, which was that we often tend to choose the careers thinking they will be permanent – but then we reach the end of the tracks and we don’t get hold of the jobs that we want. However, this isn’t what happens in real life, where we change and do different things until we finally find the one where we tend to stick on. For example, even after doing the long years of courses about the China’s history and language, one of BlackRock’s staff is now working in marketing. He never felt it was too late to do what he wanted to do. That thought pushed me towards a really optimistic view of going on with life.

One of the BlackRock staff, Andrew was kind enough to welcome us and accompany us on a museum visit. He gave us beautiful gifts and we all enjoyed the pizza dinner. The day flew by, but going to the theatre play of The Lion King was indeed a special finale – I was left lost for words.

Thanks to everyone at Pestalozzi and BlackRock for such a wonderful experience. This was indeed a memorable day in my life, because of the people who really made a difference to me.

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