David Baltazar

"I desired to have impacted the life of at least one kid at the camp, but I never knew that going to the camp meant that I was going to be crushed at the thought of leaving," was David Baltazar's overriding takeaway as he recounted his 2017 summer program adventure back in Belize.

The camp for 7-12 year-olds was a mix of important Bible teaching along with fun activities and games. The camp wanted as many children as possible and if children's parents couldn't pay they were given free passes to make sure the children heard the Gospel message as well as experiencing the fun activities that were planned throughout the two week period.

David was a central part to the camp throughout the two weeks by helping out with both the organisational duties as well as helping with the kids. In the first week, he was part of the ‘Black staff’ which meant getting up early with the children in the morning as well as undertaking important security checks.

In the second week, he was one of the team leaders which meant he spent some quality time with the children teaching them important life skills as well spending time with them during the various activities that were planned.

You can watch more of what David got up to last summer with these video diarys:

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