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Student blog: Swimming, Studying and Speaking Spanish

By Nigel Malaba

This wasn’t the busiest of weeks, but it was still packed with a lot of activities.

On Sunday evening we had swimming lessons at Claremont Senior School. It was really interesting, and I managed to improve on kicking my legs in the water.

Monday and Tuesday were fairly similar. I woke up at 6am in order eat breakfast and head down the hill in time to catch the first bus to Sussex Coast College in Hastings. After a long day at college, I returned to Pestalozzi at around 7pm and I straightaway went to Swiss Hall for supper.

On Wednesday we had our tutor group meetings. Sarah (who works at Pestalozzi) was my tutor, and we discussed upcoming events and important issues such as time management. It was interesting to talk about how important it is to sleep enough, as many of the students here have been going sleep after midnight due to time differences – and being on holiday! After the meeting we had a French lesson where we learnt how to pronounce French words with "R”. Some of us found it really hard!

Thursday was the best day of all as we had dinner with the Pestalozzi Trustees. I found out many things about them, including their qualifications, their hobbies and their families. This was very interesting as I felt much closer to them. We also had our first Pestalozzi Spanish lesson with Juan, who volunteers here. It was really beneficial as we got to recap things we’d struggled with in college.

I had a refreshing Friday, watching a movie and playing pool to relax. Usually we have SATs on Saturday, but this Saturday I spent doing my assignments and playing tennis.

In a nutshell, this week was very wonderful!

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