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Student blog: Exams are Over!

By Kishore Patra

Exams are over for IB second years! They are free of now. It is the time for them to apply for visas for going to their respective universities. They are spending time by going around different places. They went to battle, Rye beach and are also planning to go to many other places. They also had their leavers’ party on Thursday. They enjoyed a lot with their teachers and friends. They are really having a wonderful time. They wish to enjoy every bit of it. Since the weather is like that of tropical summers, a lot of cricket is going on among the students and also that they are preparing for the coming cricket match against Helen L Green’s team early in next month. All the cricket players are working hard on mastering their skills.

Meanwhile, IB first year students have still got a week to go with exams and they are also working hard to get their target.  The time is passing quickly as usual. These days there are also a few chats about summer vacations’ planning going on within the first years. Vicky and Charlie are getting the summer volunteering contracts done by the students. This is really very exciting.

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