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Student blog: Life is an Interesting Journey

By Jennipher Musa

This is one of the busiest times for the Pestalozzi Students as they are all preparing for their exams. The second year students have already started their exams while the first year students will be starting their exams next week.

The weather is now beautiful as it is warmer and the late sunsets are just so amazing. The sun never sets at 9pm in any of our countries hence this is a new experience for all of us.

Though busy, CAS activities are still taking place and we always look forward to them as they somehow help us to relax and refresh our minds from the everyday studying.

Though the summer holiday is approaching and we are all excited about going home after such a long time, we realise that the second year students will no longer be with us after the summer break. We will miss them very much however, we hope that they will continue with the spirit of hard work and that they will excel in all that they do. May God richly bless them!

Life is an interesting journey and life at Pestalozzi Village is even more interesting, a mixture of hard working students from all over the world having different backgrounds-what a great opportunity is the Pestalozzi Scholarship!

Check out all the things our students get involved with as part of our Opportunities Programme.

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