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Student blog: Oh, How I Craved for the Snow!

By Aarju Shrestha

After the New Year spree of January, February seemed dull at first. It started with the usual chilly climate. The weather moved to the worse and mornings were sometimes unbearable. The sudden gusts of wind were reminiscent of how cold it could get. At these times I fondly remembered last year’s heavenly and snowy moments. How I craved for the snow!!!

The first week of February came up with one of our volunteers come Spanish teacher‘s birthday. Odile’s beaming face looked lovely in the halo of candles. ‘Cumpleanos Feliz’ echoed around the room and the pests partied- yeah…dance till you drop.

It was a joyous time when Pestalozzi green fields started to be covered in a fine layer of sleet. Our eyes wanted them to turn into soft snow instantaneously, we wanted a magic wand, a flick and there it would be; the snowy, magical world! At those times, it was the hope for snow and cuddly warm bed that kept us going. Even Odile prayed for snow on her birthday. Our hopes and prayers were finally fulfilled as tiny snowflakes appeared on the night of 4th February. The next day, the snow was more than ankle deep and oh! How we rejoiced it.  It was the perfect welcome imaginable for February, the love month!!! The second year Pestalozzi students made time for snow-ball fights and snowman in spite of their on-going interviews and busy schedule. My lips nearly froze when I tried to kiss my snowman - yeah, some crazy moments... The snow-fun was captured in many photographs and the students were keen to upload them into the social networking sites.

The world was wide, white and it was so quiet... the serenity, the view, the moments, and the snow... absolutely mesmerizing!

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