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Student blog: Time is a Strange Entity

By Kishore Patra

Time is a strange entity. When it passes away and we reflect our past we find that time has passed very quickly. The same is true with all of us. We find time passing as a bullet ricocheting through all circumstances. It feels as if we started our journey yesterday and when we opened our eyes today, four exciting months have already passed! Since the beginning of the new term, everybody has been busy with his/her course works. Second year students had their IB mock exams last week and they are hoping for a good result. They are mostly busy with their University applications and other concluding tasks.

First year students however are engaging themselves with the usual routine of the college and a lot of CAS activities. Last Saturday, few students helped at the Priory Meadow stall in Hastings.  Some students visited the Kester House for tea in Sedlescombe on the invitation of the owners.  Similar activities are springing up and students are doing them with a lot of zeal. We are just enjoying our time here and waiting for lot more exciting things coming up!

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