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Student blog: The End of Another Exciting Month

By Nigel Malaba

Christmas at PestalozziI can say this is the best month I have experienced since I came to Pestalozzi! Everyone was looking forward to Christmas and now it has come and gone I am confident to say that we all enjoyed it so much!

The week started off well as usual. I went to swimming on Sunday evening, where we had a Christmas party – not to mention the honour of having Father Christmas all the way from the North Pole (or maybe it was just one of the members of staff, Len!). It was fun and we really enjoyed playing games in the pool. On Monday, I visited my host parents and we went ice skating in Hastings. It was such a wonderful though scary experience! I had never ice skated in my whole life and if it wasn’t for the help of the penguin I would have fallen ten times more than I did!

Christmas dinner with Chris Rachel and PratikshaOn Tuesday it was Christmas Day and what a wonderful time we had, from the delicious meals that the staff prepared for us to the wonderful presents. Wow! It was just amazing. Everyone had a smile on their face. I was so happy to open my present and find a sweet smelling shower gel and perfume; I am sure to be smelling good this whole month. After opening the presents, we played Christmas games, which brought us closer together as a family. One of the games we played was The Helium stick. Sarah introduced it to us: we had to all put down a helium-filled stick with our finger at the same time without letting go of the stick. It wasn’t easy because the stick kept on floating up instead of going down – but fortunately my team won! We also played a singing game where we had to pick words from a bag, then sing a song that includes that word. Finally, we watched some really nice movies.

On Friday we had our LIMUN meeting, where each person had to choose a topic they wanted to debate. It was very funny when people got stuck – their topics were turned the other way round and they had to speak against what they believed! Generally, we all managed to debate well despite the challenge.

This week was just amazing! Everyone wished it could always be Christmas, but I actually think that every day is amazing and full of wonderful things here at Pestalozzi.

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