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Tenzin Tsayang

Tenzin Tsayang is Tibetan and came to Pestalozzi in 2005. In his graduation speech in 2007, Tsayang said, "I will be going to study economics at the University of Richmond in the United States. My friends from other countries have exciting plans, too. For them and me, it would have been impossible to get such opportunities if we had not come to Pestalozzi." But what has he been up to since?

I now work as an Analyst for a commodity trading and processing company called Red River Foods, Inc. We are a medium sized company with factories and offices in four continents and annual revenue of over $300 million (USD). I started working there right after I finished college in June 2011.

I have been very busy with work and travelling recently. I have been in West Africa for an investment project which is focused on sustainable development of the cashew nut industry in that area. We are investing in increasing cashew processing capacity in Ghana and Benin. We have already helped create hundreds of local jobs and will make more investments in the future.

The two pictures here are of us meeting cashew nut farmers and their families in Ghana.

(Updated: December 2013)

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