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Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek recieves an award for academic excellenceAbhishek Mishra came to Pestalozzi from India in 2007. He graduated in 2009, took a gap year, then proceeded to Brighton University. He is studying Electrical Engineering on a fully funded Brighton-Pestalozzi Scholarship.

While education is getting expensive and difficult even for people with a permanent family income, I was able to continue my pursuit of dreams when I had no financial support. Being awarded the Pestalozzi and University of Brighton scholarships enhanced to my educational and professional life making me able to continue with my studies and look ahead to lead a career successfully without facing financial obstructions.

Attending university changed the way I view my life as it gave me a broader picture to look at. I am more practical, professional and confident about myself. For a couple of years, I hope to work in an automobile company or power industry. Because I enjoy travelling, joining a multinational company will be first aim but overall, I want to return to my home country India and join hands with others to build the lives of those who are capable of bringing about change but unable to do so because they are limited by finances.

Abhishek at Rolls-Royce Motor CarsBrighton Uni opened many doors for me and gave me an opportunity to intern at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars last year. I was mostly involved with the planning team which supports the smooth running of the production line. I spent most of my time designing, building and maintaining small test equipment which was very time consuming but definitely worth every second.

Documenting for the department was part of my day to day life and presenting my ideas in front of team or management was always very exciting. My experience during my internship can be summed up as a year in which I experienced real work and got to know my strength and weakness and in the process adding some of my professionalism in a leading luxury car company.

Special thanks from me and my family to all the supporters who have made it possible for me to dream and work hard in order to prove that all donations are worth it. These scholarships have given me the inspiration to think of ways to improve society. I am willing to be part of a growing world and I have been equipped with the capability to bring about change in my home community. These scholarships have gone further than just supporting me; others with similar dreams can look at the example of Pestalozzi students and be inspired to create a change, too.

(Updated: 2013)

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