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Adeola Awodele

Adeola AwodeleAdeola, from Nigeria, graduated from Pestalozzi in 2007. She continued her education at Smith College, a private liberal arts institution for women in Massachusetts, USA.

Adeola has always remained very dedicated to her desire to make a positive difference to the health sector in Nigeria, but her multicultural global experience at Pestalozzi influenced her desire to study a variety of global health issues.

I conducted research on the parasite Brugia Malayi, which causes elephantiasis, with the aim of helping combat the disease that affects millions of people in developing countries across Africa and Asia.

Adeola recently returned to Nigeria to participate in the National Youth Service Scheme.

Under the scheme, I served as a research/project intern at the Nigerian Academy of Science. The Nigerian Academy of Science was established with a mission to improve the quality of life of the Nigerian populace by promoting the application of science and technology in various aspects of the society, especially in policy-making.

We coordinated research and projects to present to the government, developmental organizations and appropriate stakeholders with the aim of influencing key decision-making. I organised meetings and acted as an intermediary between aspects of the research, such as the field team and the management team. I also helped in planning advocacy events that directly involved stakeholders. Finally, I coordinated the dissemination of project findings, such as reports or advocacy briefs.

Upon completing her internship, Adeola applied and was accepted into the Doctor of Medicine program at Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, USA. She writes:

Still following my interest in global health, I am taking an elective course in global health in the medical school and look forward to spending my third year conducting research or getting an MSc in Global Health.

I am a member of the different student run organisations that are involved in raising awareness about issues that concern developing countries all over the world and ways in which people can help.

Adeola explains her confidence to succeed and bring about positive change in the world is partly owed to Pestalozzi:

Without the Pestalozzi scholarship, my ambition and drive would have been wasted.

(Updated: 2013)

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