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Bhawana Poudel

Bhawana Poudel
After graduating in 2004, Bhawana wanted to help give young people in Nepal the opportunity to pursue an education, so she founded a charity with her husband. Bhawana also works in Düsseldorf researching heart valve failure. Here she speaks about her activities and the impact Pestalozzi continues to have in her life.

The goal of my charity, Bildungsförderung Nepal (Supporting Education, Gifting Future), is to support existing programmes for the basic education of children and the supplementation of such programmes by specifically choosing poor, gifted children and providing them with stipends (living allowance) to get a good education that matches their skills. In the medium term, we will move poor children and their families out of poverty. The long term goal, however, is bigger. By enabling low social classes to participate in Nepal's decision making, we want to refresh the country and give it an opportunity to break loose from its many crippling problems. Our charity now sponsors four students in Budhanilkantha School Kathmandu. They are all girls who come from different ethnic backgrounds.

Meanwhile, I also work at the university clinic in Düsseldorf. I work with patients who have heart valve problems, researching possible factors that lead to heart valve calcification and, ultimately, failure. I love this job because I feel that one day through my research I might be able to make a difference in many people's lives around the globe. This year I will be looking for new career opportunities, mainly focusing on health problems and performing clinical trials.

I recently had a beautiful baby girl, so I have been taking some maternity leave. Having a little baby at home and makes things very challenging to do!

My Pestalozzi journey has shaped me greatly. The international friends I made at Pestalozzi taught me a lot about tolerance, respect and open mindedness. I was able to achieve international education at a very young age when I was able to grasp things quickly and able to shape myself better. I believe that if every individual was to receive this opportunity early on in their lives, there would have been no religious, ethnic, social and gender clashes. I am proud to have been a part of Pestalozzi!

I follow the Pestalozzi principles of Head, Heart and Hands every day. Through our charity we try to extend our hands and hearts to our students, giving them an education that we hope will brighten their future. keep finding myself in situations where I really want to help people, and I think that Pestalozzi made me realise that my kindness could make a difference to someone's life, just like Pestalozzi has made to mine.

To today’s Pestalozzi students, I would say . . . please make use of every little opportunity you get to learn new things in life! Talk to your friends in Pestalozzi about their lives back home and discuss issues of the world today. Hearing opinions of people from different backgrounds will broaden your understanding of so many things. Try to do well not only academically, but in other ways: in the long run who you are doesn’t only come from your academic achievements but from what else you have experienced and done.

(Updated: 2013)

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