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Bishnu Thapa

Bishnu ThapaBishnu graduated from Pestalozzi in 2006 and went on to further his education at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Harvard University, USA. He majored in Economics and Government, graduated in 2010 and immediately secured a job at the World Bank in Nepal. He is now back in the USA doing Master in Public Affairs (MPA) in Economics and Public Policy at Princeton’s Wilson Woodrow School of Public and International Affairs.

During my time at the World Bank I wanted to work to make positive changes to the lives of people in Nepal. For example, I helped to carry out an impact evaluation of the project Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF). My work involved making field visits to some of the remotest districts of Nepal. Because PAF is targeted intervention, many of the communities and groups supported by PAF are in remote areas with poor living conditions. The field visits were very helpful for me to understand how the World Bank-led programmes are having a positive effect on the lives of people there, and they provided me with opportunities to see and understand the country better. Going back to Nepal and working at the World Bank was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the country, and be able to understand some of the critical issues (economic and otherwise) faced by the country.

I am now back in the USA doing Masters in Public Affairs at Princeton. Compared to other similar public policy schools, Princeton’s programme is relatively small. There are only 64 students in the program and every single student has had at least a few years of work experience prior to joining the program.

I really like the school so far. The students are mature professionals and have interesting experiences to share. Even though the schedule is usually very packed, with very little time for things outside school work, it is always fun to be in an environment surrounded by curious, smart, and professional individuals.

Outside of the curriculum, I’m working as an associate editor for Journal of Public and International Affairs. Last semester, I also spent quite a bit of time time helping a number of students in their college and graduate school applications.

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