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Dharma Rao

Dharma at workDharma Rao (India)

Keeping London moving!

I arrived at Pestalozzi from India on a cold winter’s day in 1984. I had my first experience of cucumber sandwiches at Heathrow, which did not go down well at all! I have many wonderful memories of Pestalozzi, including the festivals we celebrated with delicious cuisine and the hours we spent on the sports field. I left for university in 1994.

I’ve incorporated Pestalozzi principles in my life and strive to live according to them. I interacted with people from so many backgrounds that it has enriched my life immensely. The discipline developed at Pestalozzi has helped me stay balanced and taught me how to overcome adversity. I have never forgotten the kindness from people who supported Pestalozzi students and I try to emulate this generosity and help people where possible.

I now work with London Underground as a supervisor at Kings Cross, helping run one of the largest transport hubs in central London. It’s a challenging job in an extremely busy workplace, but I thoroughly enjoy it – it keeps me on my toes and allows me to think outside the box. I also enjoy leading my very diverse working unit. I have a professional attitude, but a sense of humour helps things run smoothly. The diversity and camaraderie in the team reminds me of Pestalozzi, too!

I hope current students keep a positive attitude and remember the ideals and generosity of Pestalozzi. You are all very intelligent and capable young people, I hope you achieve your ambitions and goals.

September 2012

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