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Khushbu Mishra

Khushbu MishraKhushbu, from Nepal, graduated from Pestalozzi in 2007. She secured a full scholarship place at the women’s institute Wesleyan College, Georgia, United States of America. She later transferred to Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA, and completed her degree in BA Mathematics and Economics. After graduating Khushbu worked for the global institute UNICEF in the regional office for East Asian and Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand. She is now studying applied economics at Ohio State University.

Khushbu identifies her experience at Pestalozzi as becoming the motivating platform for her desire to work in international development and specifically education.

"Through my Pestalozzi scholarship I was given an opportunity to meet with a variety of diverse people; both students and staff. I received the benefits of this and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and it inspired me hugely. So enthused by the Pestalozzi ethos, whilst at college, and aided by funds from the David Projects Peace Award I had won, I founded a non-for-profit organisation called Jurshital Mithila Art Institute, in my village Halkhori, Nepal. The organisation trains women in professionalising their local Mithila painting skills, which are sold in nearby tourist markets. It creates a sustainable income for these women."

Khushbu identifies development is an international affair is undertaking a PhD in Development Economics whilst working for international organisations abroad, explaining "these organisations play a vital role in the development of socioeconomic status of developing countries like Nepal."

Update, January 2014:

"Hello everyone. I wanted to let you know that during the course of my PhD program, I have been selected to work on a USAID project on Index Insurance in Ghana. I will be travelling to Ghana as part of the project and will hopefully produce research work that will help farmers around the world." Khushbu is clearly committed to making a positive difference to not only her community in Nepal, but other communities around the world.

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