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Komal Priya

Komal Priya
Photo: Portrait of Komal Priya.

Komal Priya on a school visit
Photo: Komal sharing aspects of Indian culture at a school in the UK during her time at Pestalozzi.

Komal Priya came to Pestalozzi from India in 2009. She is now studying at the University of Delhi and hopes to undertake a PhD in the near future.

I am currently in the final semester of Microbiology BSc Honours at University of Delhi. I will graduate in June 2014. I have been applying for Masters and PhD places in Indian universities as well as preparing for my entrance exams. In India, admission is based on our All India Rank, decided by entrance exams results.

I have been selected for the Integrated PhD at the National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore. I would be working there during my PhD studying genetic changes causing cancer and other syndromes.

I remember myself joining Pestalozzi as a person not so much aware of the world and problems within it. Pestalozzi didn’t only provide me with support for higher studies but also transformed me as a courageous person. Now I am much more aware of social problems and speak up about things going wrong on the spot. Pestalozzi gave me a chance to explore myself and made me realise what exactly I want to do. I am stepping towards these aims now with much more courage and confidence.

After completing my PhD, my further plans are to go for Civil Services exams. That is my long term aim, as I want to bring change in my society. I would like to work in the Civil Service or Foreign Service, as those positions would give me the opportunity to bring about changes related to girls’ education, and help fight discrimination against low caste and transsexual people. However, for now I’m focusing on achieving a PhD!

I would like to pass on a message to current Pestalozzi students: "This the platform, guys, which you can use to gather the biggest opportunities and most beautiful memories of your life. Make the best use of it.”

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