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Mainza Sikabanga

Mainza graduating University of BrightonHailing from Zambia, Mainza came to Pestalozzi in 2006. After graduating in 2008, Mainza was awarded a University of Brighton Pestalozzi Scholarship to do a degree in Business Studies. On the eve of his graduation, he wrote to thank Pestalozzi and our supporters.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

A milestone means more when you celebrate it with the people that have been instrumental in facilitating its achievement. I realise that it is virtually impossible to pinpoint each and every individual that has helped me reach where I am today. Therefore, when I express my gratitude for what I have achieved to date, I recognise that there are many people I do not know that have had a significant bearing on my life.

I would like you to celebrate a milestone with me: Friday 26th July 2013 officially marks the end of an exciting undergraduate life of which you all uniquely made possible! I will be graduating from the University of Brighton with an Upper Second Class Honours degree in Business Studies with Finance. I will also be awarded The Body Shop Prize rewarding the student who has made an outstanding contribution to the Business School community.

I started by using the phrase "a thousand miles”. I have only done a few hundred miles so my graduation does not signify the end or completion of my journey but simply a successful completion of one out of many different stages in my long journey (life).

A big thank you to the Pestalozzi family and the University of Brighton! Thank you for your generosity, financial and moral support over the last six years. I can never repay you but I can promise to live with and impart in others, the Pestalozzi ethos. I will make the best use of what you have given me, which I must say is far more than just a degree!

Update, January 2013: Mainza is now back in Zambia spending time with family and working for United Bank for Africa in Finance.

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Mainza's message

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