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Musakanyakombe Mwape Munjile

An update from Musa, 2009

In Musa's gap year, between leaving Pestalozzi and starting at the University of Brighton she returned home to Zambia to help at Lusaka International Community School as a maths teaching assistant.

I really enjoyed what I did as I was working with students from all over the world between the ages for 10 – 17. I feel I have learnt a lot, I have become more patient, improved my communication as well as gained valuable experience. I have had a great time at Brighton University where I have been on the fund raising team for the Alumni and Friends Fund. This fund provides scholarships and grants to students. This experience has helped me give back to the University as I am a scholarship student myself. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help of Pestalozzi.

An update from Musa, July 2013


I am very well and I am in Zambia now. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for everything. My dream to be an Economist would have not been achieved without you. I have graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours Degree! I am planning on staying and working in Zambia for now and I plan to be an active and productive member of my community just like Pestalozzi taught me. Thank you for being part of the dream that has finally been achieved!

An update from Musa, June 2014

Musa has been selected for the prestigious Pan Africa Graduate Development Project. Read her blog post about it!

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