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Nigel Nguruve

Nigel (Photo by Katie Foulkes Photography)
Photo: Nigel Groovey (Katie Foulkes Photography).

Nigel with Call Me Unique (Katie Foulkes Photography)
Photo: Call Me Unique with Nigel Groovey (Katie Foulkes Photography).

Zimbabwean-born Nigel Nguruve (aka Nigel Groovey!) was a student at Pestalozzi from 2005 to 2007. He was noted at the time as someone with musical flair and an interest in performing. Since then he has pursued his dreams and now performs regularly with talented artists from around the world. He wrote to us in July 2013 to share his story.

Hi Pestalozzi! I just want to say thank you, my life has never been the same since you gave me a chance. My mind has become so open because of all the people I met through you and the experiences you exposed me to. You also taught me the possibilities of following my dreams and living life by my own terms. I’m forever grateful and will always be indebted to the organisation and staff of Pestalozzi. You gave me a chance at life and now I genuinely believe the sky is not even the limit. Only my imagination is . . . and since Pestalozzi, I’ve been breaking down every mental barrier that I lived with!

I dreamt of having a job that would allow me to travel the world, and little did I know that one day I’d be a musician who gets to work with some of the most brilliant upcoming musicians around. I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country, and now I’m looking forward to doing overseas tours with some more brilliant musicians.

But it all started when someone at Pestalozzi said, "Yes, I like that boy. Give him a chance and he will live a life that shines so bright others will use it to light their own candles.” I’m an inspiration to a lot of my friends because of my work ethic and my positive spirit and dedication to my craft – all of these things being stuff I was inspired to adhere to by my friends at Pestalozzi, the staff who never let me become lazy, and my tutors in the IB that prepared me not just for a college or university, but for a life. I may not use chemistry or maths or Spanish directly in my career, but the principles they taught me, such as self-motivation and discipline; these I will use forever and a day. So again, thank you Pestalozzi.

Could you teach the next generation of Pestalozzi students to groove? Why not volunteer as a music tutor!

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