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Sani Moyo

Sani MoyoPhelelisani Moyo (Zimbabwe)

Spreading the Pestalozzi principles of Head, Heart and Hands around the globe.

Sani graduated from Pestalozzi in 2003. He then went onto receive a full scholarship at the prestigious Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, where he studied a Physics, Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

Throughout Sani’s time at University he was very keen to continue applying the Pestalozzi principles of the Head, Heart and Hands, and was an advocate of using education as a tool of emancipation and positive change in the world; as he explains ‘it is my belief that through education, young people become employable, create jobs and become more likely to work to benefit their communities, creating a domino effect.’

After completing his degree at University Soni was able to put in practice his educational philosophy as he began teaching mathematics in South Africa. He speaks passionately about his experience. ‘I witnessed the plight of children who come from low or no-income families, especially those who have no chance to obtain a basic education. South Africa is an emerging country and there are vast differences between the "haves” and "have-nots”. It is my belief that this can only be bridged through education.’

Politicised through his experience in South Africa, coupled with his deep passion for holistic and quality education, Sani found himself empowered to bring about positive change to South African youth and set up his own inspirational charity, HHHEducation, which embraces the Pestalozzi principles of educating with the Head, Heart and Hands.

Sani explains that HHHEducation ‘fundraises to send children from poor communities to good schools, where they can get a quality education, opening doors and opportunities.’

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