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Pestalozzi alumni are creating extraordinary ripples all over the world – inspired by your generosity they really are making a positive difference.

The Pestalozzi Programme
Every donation helps the young people who are supported by Pestalozzi International Village Trust to gain an education and bring about beneficial changes in their communities. The programme invests in the education of high achieving but low income students who would not be able to complete their secondary schooling without support.  

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It is vital in helping these young people achieve their potential, break the cycle of inter-generational poverty and contribute to society.
Pestalozzi alumni are well-rounded global citizens who create positive ripples that will touch the lives of many others. There are Pestalozzi alumni working with institutions such as the UN and the World Bank, and in fields ranging from medical research and environmental conservation to engineering, healthcare and education.  
They bring about change in their home countries, either by returning to work in positions of influence, or by working overseas to provide financial support to their families and the wider community. Reflecting on the importance of their Pestalozzi experience Our alumni  believe that it broadened their horizons and strengthened their desire to be a catalyst for change. "Pestalozzi equipped me with the basic tools needed to make a difference in the world,” said Kishore Patra, who graduated in 2013. "It was at Pestalozzi that I saw my interest in physics and astronomy develop into a passion and now I am actively contributing to research in space sciences and am set to continue into higher education in astrophysics.”

The ripples our alumni have made are truly wide-reaching. Here are a few of their inspiring stories:

Vusanisizwe Dube, (pictured above with his family: Sandi, Thandeka and Ayanda), who currently lives in Australia, is making ripples that reach home to his community in Zimbabwe, while he works as a civil engineer looking after the design and construction of land development projects.
After graduating with a BEng (Hon) in Civil and Water Engineering in 2005 from the National University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, Vusa wanted to help disadvantaged children in Zimbabwe.
He set up a cattle farming venture, and over the years it has grown and created much-needed employment for his local community. Vusa says: "I doubt I would have developed the level of motivation and confidence to make a difference had I not been at Pestalozzi.”

Senamiso Mathobela has made ripples through both her professional life and her personal life.After leaving Pestalozzi in 1999 she studied electrical engineering at the University of Zambia with her dream of one-day working in large-scale electrical and power system like the UK National Grid.
The dream came true and Senamiso became the first female control engineer in the National Grid transmission centre. Since then she has also made ripples that have positively impacted on her workplace.
Senamiso has become an active advocate for inclusion and diversity in her company, working as part of a steering group to promote diversity at all levels.  She is creating further ripples as she volunteers with Girl Guides and works with vulnerable women in her church community.
Thandiwe Mweetwa who was here at the village between 2006 and 2008 has made ripples in the world of conservation.
As a senior ecologist and community educator at the Zambian Carnivore Programme she is playing a critical role in protecting the country’s lion population.  Thandiwe’s work was recognised with a prestigious Women of Discovery award in April this year in New York City.
She is a senior ecologist and also manages the organisation’s conservation education programme, which is designed to gain community support for wildlife conservation and to promote interest in conservation-based careers among local youth. In 2016 she started the Women in Wildlife Conservation Training Programme aimed at providing opportunities for young Zambian women wishing to pursue careers in the wildlife sector.

Roy Chrismantika Simamora attended Pestalozzi from August 2015 to July 2017 and studied biology, maths, further maths and chemistry. His aim after his time here was to develop his bio-chemistry knowledge by securing a place at university, hopefully in the USA. He knew a place wouldn’t be available immediately, but secured a place for autumn 2018. Whilst finalising his time at Pestalozzi, he had been thinking about his home surroundings with new eyes, 
and realised that helping some of the youngsters in his part of the world would be a good way to spend some of the intervening months before attending university. Read more here.

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