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A Visit to Crystal Palace Premier Football Club

Students Nidup Dorji, Eric Muhwezi and Geofrey Njovu joined our Marketing Officer, Michael Stokoe, for a visit to Selhurst Park to watch Crystal Palace draw 1-1 with Newcastle United in the Premier League 2017/18 last season.
This is Nidup’s account of the day:

Students Geofrey Njovu, Nidup Dorji, and Eric Muhwezi with a certain CP star player....

"I have always been a football fan and try never to miss a match at the weekend. Usually I get a cup of coffee and focus on the TV screen as soon as the game starts. But this time it was very different.
I was sitting with Eric, and Michael in Selhurst Park, the home of the Eagles. I couldn’t believe I was there along with 25,000 other fans cheering and applauding the players. It was a dream come true! And it was the same for Geofrey and Eric who were also joining the rest of the fans chanting "red and blue army.”
We stood close to the players and shouted out their names, especially Wilfred Zaha and Christian Benteke as we are fans of both players.
I could see Geofrey, who has ambitions to play in the English Premier League someday, looking at the players with admiration. He whispered into my ear: "These are just boys like us. We just need to put more effort into our practice and we can make it someday.”
This, like many other moments, is what defines Pestalozzi.

It is more than an A level scholarship as it enables you to discover your aspirations and also provides a platform for you to pursue them.”
We could not leave without the Eagles’ regalia; a hat for me and scarves for Geofrey and Eric. It was all smiles as we walked back to the stadium dressed in the red-blue colours.

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