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A Time of Change

The generosity of our supporters will help us embark on changes to enable the charity to continue to support high-achieving low income students from some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.  These exciting changes mean:

Students are returning to Pestalozzi International Village in August to complete their final year of A-Levels but they will be the last group to be resident in the Village. 
We are in the process of selling the site but the charity is not closing down and we will continue to raise funds to enable us to deliver our support to high-achieving low-income students.
We are actively developing different and more cost effective ways to support more students in the future.
We hope to set up a programme of scholarship support to allow high achieving low income students to study for the International Baccalaureate with United World Colleges.  UWC follow our ethos of providing an holistic education and their campuses are all multi-faith, multi-cultural and diverse communities embracing students of many different nationalities. 
We are also keen to set up a Pestalozzi Development Fund to assist our alumni in establishing Social Enterprises or Charities of their own to strengthen employment opportunities and education in their home communities. 
We are also hoping to develop a stronger and closer working relationship with our sister organisation Pestalozzi-World and a copy of our joint statement can be found on our website here.

Please sign up as a 'Pledger' for our BigGive Christmas 2018 Campaign. The money is needed to cover the costs of our 16 students in their final year.

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