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Alumnus Sushant Subedi

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featured student

Alumnus wins award for world leading renewable energy project

The climate emergency is one of the most significant issues of our generation, and Government cuts appear to be stalling the growth of renewable energy at a time when action on climate change should be taking precedence.

Alumnus Sushant Subedi, who is currently studying at the London School of Economics, was part of a team who recently won an award for a world leading renewable energy project called Riding Sunbeams, a joint venture set up with 10:10 Climate Action and Community Energy South. The visionary project, which aims to power global rail networks with solar energy, won the Community Energy Collaboration Award at the ceremony. It is estimated that community-owned solar farms could produce around 10% of the traction energy needed for the third rail network.

‘Helping to get the railways off fossil fuels in this way will cut running costs and benefit local communities at the same time as helping to tackle the climate crisis', believes Leo Murray, director of charity 10:10 Climate Action.

Last summer, Sushant gained work experience with the team at Community Energy South, working specifically on the Riding Sunbeams project. This opportunity was provided through his Pestalozzi host ’dad’, Ollie Pendered, who is leading the project and invited Sushant to become involved.

"My role involved researching the social impact tool for the firm, under the supervision of Dr Colin Nolden of the University of Bristol. It was really interesting to see my academic interest in the policy domain helping a social enterprise to create a real world impact" explained Sushant.

Social enterprises such as Riding Sunbeams are vital in servicing the needs for renewable and greener fuel solutions. The benefits to communities and commuters are both financial and environmental.

Sushant expressed his thanks for the opportunity- "I am thankful to the LSE internship fund scheme, Ollie and his Riding Sunbeams team for the incredible work experience, and Pestalozzi who helped me connect with Ollie and the lovely Pendered family!'

Pestalozzi alumni are continuously working towards a better future, setting up social enterprises and NGOs to help tackle the world's most pressing issues. Your support can make a real impact and help give young people the chance to realise their potential whilst benefitting the world through innovation. It is yet another example that donating money to Pestalozzi never ends with just one student. The impact reaches wider than any of us can even begin to imagine - .

featured student
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