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Nigel Ford

Following a degree in Biology/Ecology at York University and then a PGCE in Bath, Nigel went on to teach Rural Science in a secondary school. He then worked as an Education Officer for the RSPCA in NW England, later moving to work at their nature reserve near Hastings. The next stage in his career, with the ILEA at a residential field study centre in Kent, was cut short after a few years by Government cuts in education funding. Nigel then taught Key Stage 2 pupils for ten years at a Primary School near Eastbourne, also becoming Computing Co-ordinator. In 2001 he moved to be Head of Computing/Database Manager at Dulwich Prep School in Cranbrook, from where he retired in 2017. He started volunteering with PIF the following year and is currently working part-time managing the supporter and alumni database. 

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