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School set up by alumni wins Zayed Sustainability Prize

We're proud to announce that Bloom Nepal School, which was set up and run by Pestalozzi alumni, has been awarded the Zayed Sustainability Prize 2020 Global High Schools category in South Asia. Congratulations to everyone involved - this is an incredible achievement.

The school, which was set up in 2013 by Pestalozzi alumni Ram Rijal, now educates 270 students. With the managment of Pestalozzi alumni Chandan Mishra, Executive Director, they plan to establish a project that utilises a food-energy-waste framework through the installation of bio-gas units that convert up to one tonne of organic waste into bio-gas and manure. The bio-gas can then be used for cooking purposes in the school's kitchen or to generate energy. While the organic manure can be used in sustainable agriculture. The award recognises 'pioneering solutions and technologies that can change the world'. 

We're excited to see how this new innovative project helps the school and the environment. 


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