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First social enterprise project to receive funding

Pestalozzi is excited to announce that the first project to receive funding through the newly established Pestalozzi Development Fund is Joint Organic Aquaponics, which has been set up by alumnus Arnold Katende.

The fund, which was established in 2019, was created to enable Pestalozzi International Village Trust UK and Pestalozzi International Foundation alumni to set up or expand projects or activities of benefit to their own or other developing communities. The new initiative runs alongside the scholarship programme, and both rely on donations to ensure their continuation and success.

The first applications were received at the end of 2019 and one of the successful applicants was Arnold.

Arnold, who graduated from Pestalozzi in 2016, shares an overview of his project - "Joint Organic Aquaponics aims to use recycled materials and solar energy to produce plants and fish together in a constructed eco-system that uses 90% less water, no weeds, no chemicals and is far more productive than conventional agriculture. Aquaponics is a great solution to tackle climate change, water shortages and can contribute to the overall self-sustainability of households in Uganda…Many thanks for believing in me and offering your support towards my project.”

Pestalozzi announces first social enterprise project to receive funding

Development Fund Manager Mags Alexander commented, ‘‘Arnold’s project was received with enthusiasm as it covers so many of the areas we wish to see impacted. These include creating employment opportunities, providing education and reducing the impact of agricultural production on the environment. Arnold has chosen a project based on the issue of food security, something that is very personal to his own experience growing up in Uganda. It is impressive to see him already using the skills that he has gained from studying at Earth University in order to make a sustainable difference to his local community.’

You can read more about Arnold and his project here.

We hope that access to small amounts of seed funding will allow our alumni to make an earlier positive impact in the world. The deadline for the next round of applications is 30th June 2020, you can find out more about the Pestalozzi Development Fund here.

Please help support the Pestalozzi Development Fund by donating, so we can continue to offer funding to revolutionary projects like Arnold's. Thank you.

Pestalozzi announces first social enterprise project to receive funding

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