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Supporter blog: Alice Danes from the Isle of Man

15 April 2013

This year, students from Castle Rushden High School on the Isle of Man represented Pestalozzi in the Charity Challenge. They were runners up, and raised £600 for Pestalozzi! Student Alice Danes reports.

Charity Challenge offered the experience for different groups of students to explore a charity of their choice. Through doing this, we gained an insight into what different charities are doing to achieve the millennium development goals and helping different people around the world. My group chose Pestalozzi as we felt we could connect to the people they are helping – we ourselves are studying are A-Levels, while Pestalozzi students are studying at the same level in the IB programme.

Alice Danes and the Castle Rushden students for Pestalozzi!

We worked together collecting research about Pestalozzi and then portrayed the information our own way to teach other people about the charity. We had the support of the Friends of Pestalozzi Isle of Man group and Sarah Kadri, who works with the students at Pestalozzi in East Sussex, to help gather all the information. As well as this, during the process we were lucky enough to be introduced to Dechen, who is a student at Pestalozzi. The first-hand information that Dechen provided us with was so helpful, and the opportunity to meet someone who was experiencing help from Pestalozzi brought the charity to life.

We created ladybird t-shirts to wear during our presentation and handed out the ladybird badges, emphasising hope and luck, which as a group we decided was really important. Our presentation managed to raise £600 for Pestalozzi, which we are so delighted about because it means the time and effort we put into making the presentation will have an impact on other people’s lives.

Finally, the process has really opened everyone’s eyes to global issues and we are proud that our money can make a difference to people’s education.

Everyone at Pestalozzi is extremely grateful to Alice and her team for their hard work. Could your school support Pestalozzi? Email or call 01424 870444 to find out more!

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