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Coming from Pyuthan, a hilly district of Nepal, Prabidhik KC has seen first-hand the hardships his neighbours have endured over the years. Two years ago an epidemic of diarrhoea spread across Western districts of Nepal, including his own. What he did to help was rather remarkable.

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Having always had a penchant for writing Prabidhik published his first novel when he was 15. Astonishingly this generated a profit of £825 (124,000 Nepali rupees) which he donated towards the cost of buying medication for his village during the outbreak.

Prabidhik is now 18. When at home in Nepal he lives with his parents, grandfather and three older siblings. His father is a low paid government officer whilst his mother, Dhira Devi KC, works in the fields. Most of the family income is spent on his grandfather’s medication or in helping his older sister who is studying in Kathmandu.


Coming from an area where educational opportunities were limited, Prabidhik’s mother was always looking for chances for her children despite not being well educated herself. Prabidhik says he is where he is today because of the support of his mother.

Whilst he was in grade three his mother heard about the scholarship programmes for Gandaki Boarding School and Budhanilkantha School in Nepal. Prabidhik applied and was awarded full scholarships for both. This ultimately set him on the path to earn a Pestalozzi scholarship to study A-Levels here in the UK. At Claremont Senior School he is studying physics, maths, further maths, additional further maths, chemistry and an extended project, yet he still finds time to write.

That first novel focussed on the issues of girls being trafficked and clearly demonstrated how Prabidhik would give back to his community. Two years later he has launched another book, ‘Adrishya Kshitiz’ which translates to ‘Unseen Horizon’. His intention is to give the profits from publication to those who need it most, just as he did before.

Not only does he want to develop himself as a mathematician, astrophysicist, humanitarian, a leader and a writer – he wants to set-up a world STEM research centre where people can work together for a better world.

Prabidhik says: "My ultimate goal is to make the world a better place to live in.”

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