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Educating students in the UK

While the students are here at the International village they go to Claremont Senior School in Bodiam to study a variety of A-levels.

This gives them the chance to experience what school life in the UK is like, as they get accustomed to the different teaching methods, meeting new friends and just generally getting familiar with UK culture in general.

One of our students at Pestalozzi, Isaac, shares what it’s like to study in a new surrounding: "As one of the many privileged students at Pestalozzi, I get to experience school life in the UK. I’m doing my A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Math and am currently in year 12.

Claremont I would say is the best school I have ever attended in my life, from the super cool and caring teachers to the multicultural students and the study-friendly environment. It’s all one great experience that is enhanced by the daily thrills and spills that inspire me to reach out for greatness.

Each and every day starts with the same unexplainable excitement. The mornings in the common room are always filled with laughter and cheer and the lessons are of astonishment and elation. School life here differs much more from that home. I feel more engaged during lessons and the teachers are more approachable on both professional and personal levels. There is also emphasis on independence in managing their study time unlike back home. I really love it here. School is much more fun and enjoyable in the UK.”

Bernice, another student, shares her experience at studying at Claremont saying: "From the very moment I knew I would be attending Claremont Sixth Form, I was more than delighted. The thought of indulging in a British private school system and dressing formally with neatly pressed buttoned shirts and impeccable blazers made me feel like an important diplomat.

There are many reasons why I enjoy studying at Claremont, but the main reasons include excellent teacher and tutor support in all aspects of daily academic life, the wide range of extra- curricular activities offered, the quality of education offered and most importantly the genuine courtesy shown by its students. Whether it is during Assembly or tutor time, the phrase "Attitude is the cornerstone of success” is always echoed and I couldn’t agree more as attitude is far more important than loads of knowledge.

Daily life at Claremont requires 110% joules of our energy as our classes constantly push us to explore and investigate new things. Whether it be investigating differentiation graphs technologically or creating a presentation on the History of English Language during the Tudor period, our minds are always active creating no space for boredom. Together with extra-curricular activities, our creativity and critical thinking improves day by day. I am very thankful for being granted the opportunity to study alongside the many brilliant minds at this institution that hail from all parts of the world as this was never evident in my home country. In addition, I find it very valuable to have sports incorporated within the education system as often times most schools in my country would focus on academia only rather than enhancing the overall life of a student via active exercises.

As a language lover, I enjoy running to my English Language, Spanish and German classes everyday as well as computing numerical problems in Math. I hope to study alongside diverse university students in the years to come and perhaps travel the world. I have truly been inspired at Claremont Senior School!”

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