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Our Pestalozzi scholarship programme is investing in the further education of high achieving, but low income, students who would not have access to further education without our support. These young people are selected on the basis of their potential to become future leaders who will have the ability to positively impact the lives of many others.

The immediate indirect impact is on the families and communities of each Pestalozzi scholar. They raise the aspirations for their peer group and those who come after them. They volunteer in schools, clinics, environmental programmes and community focused groups. Our rule of thumb is that every Pestalozzi scholar will have a positive impact on at least 10 other people before they complete the IB Diploma at UWC. 

Our alumni break the cycle of intergenerational poverty, meaning that they have a significant impact on the generations who follow behind them. A comparison of career paths of the Pestalozzi alumni with the occupations of the students’ parents shows how their education has helped the alumni progress into much better paid occupations.

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