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Life at Pestalozzi

Daily life at Pestalozzi is never dull for the students! Apart from their studies, the students are well looked after by our dedicated staff which are there to help 24/7. Coupled with the countless activities - as well as the grounds of the fabulous Pestalozzi village to explore - the students are always able to experience new things.

Life at the International village

The grounds of the International village have been home to our students for over 50 years, and we believe our village in Sedlescombe is the perfect place for them to enjoy and explore. Whilst also giving them that all important space to study and better themselves.

The students eat in the Swiss Hall canteen where our chefs prepare and cook a wide variety of food. The Songten Khang and Sainsbury House buildings have everything the students need in terms of living quarters and the newly built Pestalozzi centre is the perfect space for the many extra-curricular activities that the students partake in.

Life in the village is an experience these students are not likely to forget; Student Nischal Poudel said: "Daily life at Pestalozzi is fun. Every day is different and exciting; it's full of learning, teaching, playing, eating and enjoyment."

Extra-curricular activities

Aside from daily life, the students engage in many varied extra-curricular activities including Spanish, Yoga, Creativity Club, Football, Guitar, Chess, Debate, Student for a free Tibet (SFT), and ECO club.

On top of the regular activities, there are also one-off events. For example, in the past we have had a poetry event and several kinds of workshops.

Life at Pestalozzi is always varied! Students live in two accommodation blocks, Songsten Khang and Sainsbury House. Each year the houses are switched to give students an experience of both. The school day at Claremont is very full with the first bus leaving at 7.20 am and returning at 5.45pm. Activities, meetings and study continue throughout the evening.

Pestalozzi students organise their own duties, and fortnightly chaired meetings. They prepare their own breakfast, but they are given lunch at Claremont. Evening meals are eaten together in the Pestalozzi canteen, Swiss Hall, but frequently they arrange to cook national dishes, sharing their cultural traditions with each other. Momos and Nshimi are fabulous, fortunately Durian is not commonly available…

Clubs, Sports and Societies form the core of community life here. Students For A Free Tibet, meet weekly, and discuss not only the Tibetan issue but other instances of human rights violation around the world. This is typical of the discussions which occur during their scholarship, breaking down pre-conceptions and establishing a broader picture of the world, resonant with shared experiences.

Religious festivals of every kind are recognised and celebrated, with Holi being perhaps the noisiest, most colourful, wettest and muddiest! Host Families will take students out for a taste of British family life and birthdays are celebrated with ongoing student led traditions that are very funny but perhaps best left not committed to print…

Music is central to the Pestalozzi experience, singing, guitar, drums, piano and dance are all popular, always different and the buildings ring with expression when the students are in residence. Equally, sports are key to letting off steam and reinforcing bonds with some healthy competition. Students and staff compete in the annual Hastings Half marathon, the student record currently being 1:30:27!

The real magic is the strength of the community and the bonds that are formed with students and staff alike as each year presents it patterns of challenge. Facing these together means that everybody has a crucial part to play and that journey of discovery is constant, ever changing and magical in its outcomes. When the buses arrive in the summer, bound for Heathrow, the bitterness of parting and the warmth of hope for the future are an impossible combination that speaks volumes about the time the students spend here.

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