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Pestalozzi provides high quality educational opportunities for exceptional 16-19 year-olds from some of the world’s poorest communities, developing their potential and helping them to make a positive difference in the world. Your support will help these young people achieve their potential.

Our Pestalozzi Scholarship Programme invests in the education of high achieving but low income students who would not be able to complete their secondary schooling without our support. These young people are selected on the basis of their potential to become future leaders who will have the ability and knowledge to positively impact the lives of many others. The programme helps break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for the students themselves and equips them to make a significant difference in society.

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Our Alumni are well-rounded global citizens who are equipped to reap the benefits of tertiary education or to return directly to their home countries and join the world of work, both paid and voluntary. There are Pestalozzi alumni working in the UN, the World Bank, in medical research, environmental conservation, healthcare and education, to name a few. Every Pestalozzi student creates positive ripples that will touch the lives of many others.

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For the last 20 years we have been welcoming young people to East Sussex where they live for two years at the Pestalozzi International Village. They study A-Levels at local colleges adding significantly to the vibrancy and diversity of the student body. These young people are passionate about using their education to make a positive difference in society. During their two years they spend with us they become actively involved in the community in East Sussex and at the end of their first year they undertake summer volunteering projects in their own countries.

We work with young people from the most marginalised communities of Belize, Bhutan, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe as well as Tibetans in exile in India and Nepal. In many of these countries the schools struggle to meet the needs of high-achieving but low income students.

We work with excellent partner organisations in each of the countries where we select students and this ensures we find students who could not complete their secondary education without a scholarship and who will make the most of every opportunity offered to them.

From September 2019, the current programme will be changing. To find out more you can read our FAQ's 'Pestalozzi beyond 2019' here

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